Te Kotare was a legacy project in honour of Jenny Shipley who believed in the importance of interweaving Te Reo Maori into early childhood education in New Zealand. Jenny wrote Te Reo Maori songs  in the hope that all children in New Zealand could grow up experiencing Maori culture in an enjoyable, fun and easy way. We had the task of forming ideas that would bring these songs to life and at the same time support teachers in integrating them into their classroom environment. 
We believe that children need to feel inspired, engaged and supported when developing their language skills, otherwise they may lack the enthusiasm to participate. Supported by our research we have decided to focus on three fundamental areas that embodies these key ideas. The first idea we focused on was music, song and dance, secondly was sensory play and lastly storytime. 
Overall the learning materials that we have provided focus on creating an environment that encourages imagination, creative thinking, decision making and problem solving. The wide variety of learning materials engages, inspires and supports learning in both extroverted and introverted children as they have a choice to participate in group or individual activity which are either high energy or calm and quiet

Contributors: Lauren Coetzee, Tegan Foster, Giverny Mae Baxter and India Taylor  

Duration: 12 weeks  

Research: Lauren Coetzee, Tegan Foster, Giverny Mae Baxter and India Taylor  

Visual direction: India Taylor with help from Lauren Coetzee, Tegan Foster & Giverny Mae Baxter

Dossier layout: Giverny Mae Baxter with help from Lauren Coetzee

Dossier content: Lauren Coetzee, Giverny Mae Baxter with help from Tegan Foster & India Taylor

Awkward Kaka story: Lauren Coetzee 

Kupe te Kahawai story: Giverny Mae Baxter
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Indesign
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