For the food expo in Wellington I aim to celebrate “No Meat May” by informing people about the negative effects of meat consumption, and promote beans as an alternative by sharing the positive effect they have on our health and the environment.

I have used type, texture and colour in my A2 posters to address why we need to eat more Beans for the benefit of our health, animals and planet. We now know a lot more about the effects that animal based products, and meat in particular, have on our health and the environment. New Zealand has one of the highest greenhouse gas emissions per capita, but cutting down on meat consumption would greatly reduce this. It is time for our attitudes to change towards a focus on eating vegan or vegetarian based meals.

Through all three of my posters I have used techniques, textures and colours from project one to create an evocative and cohesive series. Each poster represents part of the story, from poster one which addresses the negative impact of meat consumption, to poster two which looks at the positives of beans, and finally poster three which concludes the series by showing that beans are better for your health and the environment. The series as a whole confronts the necessary shift in New Zealand culture from a meat dominated one, to one focused on the wellbeing of our people, animals and environment. 

Starting with the first A2 print the type layout is dynamic and is complimented by the texture and colour of the ink to create an evocative poster. Strong feelings come to mind regarding the true consequences that meat consumption has on animals, people and the environment. The text ‘More than meats the eye’ is a play on words and addresses the fact we do not consider the effects of high volumes of meat consumption until we are faced with the facts. To make this mono print I have used techniques from project one to create the textures and colours.

In the second A2 print the layout of the text and the ink work together to depict the spilling of beans. ‘Spill the beans’ is another play on words that addresses the importance of knowing more about how to live a meat free life. The red ink acts as the tomato sauce while the letters portray the beans spilling out of a can. I have combined ink, water and soap to create this print and hand pressed it. 

The final A2 print brings the series to a conclusion as it highlights beans are a better choice than meat. I have made the text and ink in the shape of the can to symbolise the importance of not neglecting the humble baked bean. To make this print I have used a wet roller to create the red background and printed the bean shapes on top. 

Lastly, I have created hand outs for people to take home with them from the food show, with my three final prints on the front and vegetarian bean recipes on the back. The aim of the recipes is to inspire people to take part in “No Meat May” with deliciously easy homemade meals.

To promote the move to vegetarianism, the poster and recipes will get people thinking and start them on their journey to a better way of life, and in so doing preserve the wellbeing of both animals and the planet. 
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